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♪ Salt of the Earth, Light of the world ♥

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This is Masuda Takahisa and I think he is ♥
By the way, the name is Mila Ariel Palamita. :D

Mila Ariel is a Child of God, and proud and happy to be one. :D She doesn't deny though, that it can get pretty tough at times. But she loves Jesus who loves her very much too and so she tries her best to be a good Christian and make him happy. :) Mila Ariel is a weird person who likes to be alone but hates to be lonely. She doesn't need to be lonely though, cause the Holy Spirit is good companion who she can call on 24/7. She has few close friends who she loves and cherish and stupidly (and unspiritually D: hey, at least she is honest!) wishes to marry Masuda Takahisa though the probability is zero. HAHAHA. She likes NEWS and Japan very much too! ♥ Its her dream to bring smiles and joy to people but is pretty unsure how yet, and wishes to help AIDS patients and offer them hope to live on with the gospel of God. :D Oh and she likes food a lot, is a dessert addict and wishes to be a good cook/baker and would love to cook for you if you want. Isn't she nice? :D

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